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Lois Onigbinde

Grad Student experienced in Childcare!


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Linda Oye

Great Children's Teacher

Lois has a great personality, she is smart and intelligent, and a great lover of children. Having a Children's Minister as a mother has broadened her skill in children's activities in general, and I am confident that she will leave a lasting positive impact in the life of every child she meets.

Simileoluwa Adebajo

Efficient & Effective Sitter

I am pleased to recommend Lois as a baby sitter. Lois and I are both graduate students at the University of San Francisco. She is a brilliant, fun person with a passion for child care. While being both effective and efficient when it comes to household work, she has a natural flair for interacting with children. She has nieces and nephews who she babysits regularly also. I believe that Lois would be an amazing asset to her employer.

Toyin Onigbinde

Excellent babysitter

She is very intelligent, hardworking and excellent with children. When she was a children's teacher at church she was responsible with the kids, calm and collected, was able to maintain order.


Great with children

Lois and I worked together at the children's church for 3 years taking care of children. she is very responsible and great with the children. She is able to calm the children and most importantly maintain order. Lois is able to handle crisis properly. One thing I like about Lois is that she follows instructions very well.


Great help!

She has been babysitting my younger brother and sister for over a year now. She has been a great help to me, especially because my parents do not live in San Francisco with us. My younger brother is 11 and my younger sister is 9. She takes them to the park to play sometimes, helps them complete homework, makes dinners, and even tucks them in on days when I am working very late.The thing I admire most about her is her initiative: she completes tasks that need to be done without being asked to. I believe that she would be an asset to any family.


Would definitely recommend

Lois and I have worked together as teachers under Nigeria's Industrial Training programme, where finally year students of Education are sent to schools to teach for a period of 3 months. We bonded well as Lois has a passion for children. She is very nice and a disciplined teacher and attends to children as the need arises. Presently, I'm expecting my first child, and I assure you that if Lois were in the country (Nigeria), I'd have no worries leaving my baby in her care. Lois is very intelligent, a Child at heart and a great singer. She is one person who inspires me to continue being responsible and committed. I have no worries recommending her for any child-centered activity.

Mauro Cirilli

Loved it


Laurel Rohrer

Loved it

Great attitude. Kids had fun!