Parents, you can now find babysitters and nannies from your local community. Moreover, you never have to hire a complete stranger, with our connections feature, you can book sitters who have been used by your friends.


We have a 5 step vetting process:
1. All accepted sitters (18+) need to complete detailed background checks at State and Federal level with our partners
2. All selected sitters need to complete an extensive voice interview where we ask detailed situational, personality and aptitude questions. Sitters cannot work on our app without verified professional childcare experience
3. All Sitters are required to provide multiple references that we call, verify and interview. These references are other parents the sitter has worked for in the past, we do not accept family or friends as a reference
4. We check all sitters social media accounts and make their facebook, twitter and/or social media available to parents to view and verify and finally
5. All sitters are required to complete a sit before they become available to sit for all parents on the app.

Browse, Request, Call, Message, Book, Monitor, Rate

Use our proprietary technology to find sitters you instantly trust, call or message them through the app, do a video interview, book and monitor your sitters location as they make their way to your home, view a live video stream of your booking, rate your sitter and repeat :)

Sit Request

Send a Sit Request to multiple sitters and book within seconds.


Use our connections feature to browse sitters that have been used by your friends and members of your community.


All sitters are either professional care providers, college students majoring in teaching/nursing, or high school students sponsored by your community.

Parents are showing us love on Yelp! and NextDoor..

“Quickest way to find, suitable baby-sitter.”

I've hired sitters through the app who could entertain my 3-year-old while my husband and I got some chores done over the weekend. This was my first time trying a service like this since I've been wary of hiring a stranger and bringing them into our home. Having students from the community on this site, gave me a level of comfort to go ahead and give it a try. Knowing how much my daughter enjoys time with her older cousins, I knew she would love the energy of the sitters on this site. I found so many students spoke multiple languages which was an added bonus since I could hire a sitter with whom my daughter could practice Mandarin that she is learning at preschool. The entire process of selecting the sitter to the payment was very quick and easy. Karlie, one of our sitters, was super sweet and courteous. Before coming over she reached out to ask about my daughter's interests and brought supplies for Art and Craft activities they could do together. Using this service also makes me feel like I'm helping students in our community towards their college/ other educational goals and it's a win-win situation for both.

Neha S.

Dublin, CA

“This app can most likely make date night for married couples”

We downloaded this app on a Saturday thinking there was no way we could get a babysitter on the same day, but we gave it a shot anyway. We were frankly amazed when we got an accept within minutes. And felt good about it, since the app shows more than adequate backgrounds on potential sitters in their database. The whole transaction is taken care of ahead of time too, which prevents the last minute dash for cash on the way back home from date night. Our sitter was wonderful, and the experience was 100% satisfaction for us. This app can most like likely make date night for married couples with kids a weekly reality dare I say.

Two thumbs up!

Henry J

San Ramon, CA

“The app is user friendly and payments are done directly through the app”

Great new app to find sitters last minute! It's like Uber but you schedule a child sitter to come over with short notice. I've used it a couple times now and have had a good experience. Both times I used their service, I needed a mother's helper (while I was home getting things done around the house) was the same sitter and she was really friendly and did a great job. My daughter had fun with her and now asks for her to keep coming back. The app is user friendly and payments are done directly through the app.


San Ramon, CA

“Loved it...”

I've used this service three times and loved it every time. I love the local network of sitters. It's a nicer interface than's app and it compares to UrbanSitter but without the fees. It's my go to to find sitters and they are even great last minute.

Jessica H

Danville, CA

“App worth recommending.”

I would definitely recommend this service to people. I used sitter friends one weekday for my 10 year old. He got picked up from school and brought home. He was given a snack and did his homework. What I really liked about sitter friends is their service from the start in helping me find a sitter, connecting me with her so that I could get comfortable. I was even able to see her picture and show her my son's so that pick would be easier. She texted me when she picked him up and When they reached home. The other thing that made me comfortable was that I could get a local sitter from the community. They also followed up with me after the service to find out how it went. I was very happy with them.

Rad S.

Dublin, CA

“Perfect baby-sitting experience"

I came across SitterFriends on yelp and decided to try them out. When I posted a sit request on the app and most of the sitters in my residential area were not available, SitterFriends went out of their way to find a suitable sitter for me. We chose a young girl called 'Michela' to watch our 5 year old daughter and we were not disappointed. She was awesome with our daughter and I've already booked to use her again through the app! The company has perfected a way to make the whole baby sitting process so easy and stress free!

Anabelle M.

Dublin, CA

“Very easy and intuitive app with quick selection process.”

Sitterfriends is excellent! I was really impressed by the ease of booking a sitter and the top notch customer service. They really went out of their way to help me find a suitable sitter. I will definitely use this service again!

Red R.

San Ramon, CA

“Great people, great experience, highly recommend this!!”

We were feeling at the mercy of our unreliability childcare until a whole new world opened up with SitterFriends. What a phenomenal experience and top notch care providers! There is a wide range of skilled and well qualified people to choose from, and the app makes for easy navigation and organization. When we requested a sitter at 10pm for the next morning we had no problem. There were a few times I had questions and the owner called me within minutes to talk me through my issue. Great people, great experience, highly recommend this!!

Julie G.

Dublin, CA

“Great customer service..”

Customer Service can make or break a company. Sitterfriends proved that they would do anything for their customers last night when the Founder himself showed up at my house to fill-in when my scheduled sitter had an emergency. My kids had a great time and were asking where he was his morning when they woke. App was super easy to use. I'm hooked.

Nicole. D

San Ramon, CA

Our Sitters love us ☺

“I recommend people use this service on both ends”

I joined SitterFriends on a whim as I am a College Student who has been a nanny since my Sophomore year in high-school. I love meeting new families and working with different kids. I can honestly say that I love the app and the ability for me to get comfortable in knowing these families before I arrive. The staff who run this are incredibly professional and genuine allowing me to ask questions if need be! I recommend people use this service on both ends whether looking to be a sitter or needing a sitter!

Ifeoma N.

Sacramento, CA

“The app is super easy to navigate..."

I'm a sitter on SitterFriends, and let me tell you, it's incredible! The staff is incredibly kind and caring, and the families I've worked for are amazing! The app is super easy to navigate, and it's made the payment process for sitting jobs hassle free.

Michela B.

Danville, CA

“It's a safe an reliable.."

This is probably the most useful babysitting app I have had the experience of using. With an easy to manage profile , parents can see what experience you have, what's your specialties, and many more. I started using the app when it very first came out and I absolutely love it! I've gotten many jobs from it and all the parents love me. It's a safe an reliable way to find or provide quality child care!

Tawny P.

Hayward, CA

“I've been so happy using the app and finding babysitting jobs in my local area"

SitterFriends is a great way to find babysitting jobs in the area. The app is so easy to use and you can even customize your general availability. The payment is done entirely through the app, which leaves no worries of negotiation or lost checkbooks! The parents are all very nice and the messaging feature allows you to talk to the parents before going to sit. The app even reminds you when I have sitting jobs coming up, and texts all the information you need for the jobs! I've been so happy using the app and finding babysitting jobs in my local area!

Renee L.

Danville, CA