FAQ - for Parents

FAQ - For Sitters

What's SitterFriends?

SitterFriends is a childcare service that provides on-demand nannies and babysitters - SitterFriends. Parents are able to book one-time or recurring help through our app. Parents can message, call, do video interviews and pick their favorite sitter. They can track their sitter's GPS location as well as pay, rate, review - all through our app. We make the entire process seamless and stress-free.

What is the vetting process?

We have a 5 step vetting process:

  1. All accepted sitters (18+) need to complete detailed background checks at State and Federal level with our partners
  2. All selected sitters need to complete an extensive voice interview where we ask detailed situational, personality and aptitude questions. Sitters cannot work on our app without verified professional childcare experience
  3. All Sitters are required to provide multiple references that we call, verify and interview. These references are other parents the sitter has worked for in the past, we do not accept family or friends as a reference
  4. We check all sitters social media accounts and make their facebook, twitter and/or social media available to parents to view and verify and finally
  5. All sitters are required to complete a sit before they become available to sit for all parents on the app.

How do I schedule a job?

Scheduling a job is easy:

  1. Download our app and click on the “Sit Request” button
  2. Enter details such as time, location
  3. Select Multiple SitterFriends
  4. Once SitterFriend(s) accept you then
  5. Pick the best available SitterFriend
  6. Enter your Payment Details and Done.

Can I message a SitterFriend?

Yes, we allow you to message a SitterFriend once you have setup a Sit request.

Can I call or Interview a SitterFriend?

Yes, Once a SitterFriend has accepted your sit request, you can call them directly through the app.

Can I call or message the SitterFriend off the app?

No. Doing so is against our terms and policy. Requesting contact information, messaging or calling a SitterFriend off the app is a violation of our terms and conditions and will result in termination of account.

Can I cancel a job?

Absolutely. You can cancel a sit up-to 12 hours before a sit is scheduled to start. After 12 hours, you will be charged for the full amount of the sit. You will receive a full refund for up-to 12 hours before the scheduled sit. As a courtesy to your SitterFriend, we recommend to notify the SitterFriend at least 12 hours in advance if there is a need to cancel.

How does payment work?

All payment happens through the app. Our system decides the rates based on a sitter’s experience and performance. High performing sitters have a higher rate. When you confirm a sitter, we will request your credit card info and put a small hold. Once the job is completed we will charge your credit card based on the “check-in” and “check-out” times of your sitter.

How much does it cost?

We start at $12/hr for mother’s helpers but pricing varies depending on experience and performance. We charge an additional $2/hr for each additional child. So a sitter listed at $12/hr will charge a total of $14/hr for 2 children.

How do I become a SitterFriend?

Hey there, so glad you are interested in becoming a SitterFriend. We are available in 100 cities all across N.America so if you stumbled upon us, it's likely we are in your city as well. If you have childcare experience, please download our app and create a profile.

Currently, we are only approving sitters who have experience and are 18 and over and in some rare cases we will accept sitters 16 and over, if they have exceptional references. We do not allow sitters to bring their children or other people to a sit. It takes us about 2 weeks to get to your profile. If your profile is filled out accurately and accurately lists your experience, we will contact you for a phone interview. At this point, you will need to have your references fill out your reference form. After your phone interview, we will run your background check, and contact your references and if everything checks out, you will be approved and will start getting jobs. Your first job will be a trial sit job, this will determine your rate and your ratings. We look forward to your application.