What's SitterFriends

SitterFriends is a free app that connects you with providers that are passionate about child care and enrichment. Every SitterFriend has his or her unique skill set that they bring to their sit. We believe Childcare shouldnt just be about watching children while the parents are away. All Sits are divided in play, learn and downtime. During play and learn time your SitterFriend will engage your child in learning something new and fun. You will find musicians, dance instructors, sports coaches and even your school teachers - SitterFriends that have experience in childcare and want children to learn and grow.
So go out on that date night, massage appointment or just take some time to yourself. Your child will receive the highest quality care and and we promise that they will have an amazing time.

How do I find trusted SitterFriends

All SitterFriends have to go through basic training to be listed on our app. Addtionally, we use your social connections to connect you with SitterFriends that are connected to your contacts and have been used by your friends or community members. This will help you instantly establish trust. What’s more: Our Expert SitterFriends have years of experience in addition to all training and certifications required to become a professional. You can view Experts and other SitterFriends through the various filters on the app.

How do I find SitterFriends used by my friends:?
Easy! Enable Contacts in settings. We will work through your phonebook and connect you with every SitterFriend that is directly connected to your friends from your phonebook. You can also read reviews and check ratings that your contacts have provided.

How do I find SitterFriends from my community

Under Menu, you will find Groups. Here you can search for your local Groups such as your neighborhood, school or church. Subscribe to your local Groups. Once the Group admin approves your request, you will instantly be able to search all SitterFriends that are also part of your Group(s). SitterFriends prefer providing sit to member of their local communities. Once you are part of a Group, you can also see other Parents that belong to your Group(s) and read their reviews and see their favorite SitterFriends.
You can also start your own Group, and invite other Parents and SitterFriends to join. You automatically become the admin for any new Group you start.

Can I ask people I trust to care for my Child through this app?
Absolutely. You can invite your friends to become a SitterFriend. You will be able to request their help, and pay them through the app without any awkward exchange of money. You use someone you trust, and you help them earn some extra money for their time. You can do this while scheduling a sit or simply inviting them through the invite button.

Scheduling and canceling a sit

What’s a Sit?
A Sit is a job request that you can send out to multiple SitterFriends. Depending on availability, one or multiple SitterFriends will accept a sit request. You then have a choice to finalize the best SitterFriend.
How do I schedule a sit?

Scheduling a sit is easy.

1. Click on the Search Criteria Icon
2. Enter details such as time, location
3. Select Multiple SitterFriends
4. Once SitterFriend(s) accept you then
5. Pick the best available SitterFriend
6. Enter your Payment Details and Done.

Can I message a SitterFriend?
Yes, we allow you to message a SitterFriend once you have scheduled a sit and requested them for the job.

Can I call or Interview a SitterFriend?
Yes, Once a SitterFriend has accepted your sit request, you can call them directly through the app.

Can I call or message the SitterFriend off the app?
No. Doing so is against our terms and policy. Requesting contact information, messaging or calling a SitterFriend off the app is a violation of our terms and conditions and will result in termination of account for the parent and SitterFriend. Please respect our terms and conditions.

Can I cancel a sit?
Absolutely. You can cancel a sit upto 12 hours before a sit is scheduled to start. After 12 hours, you will be charged for the full amount of the sit. You will receive a full refund for upto 12 hours before the scheduled sit. As a courtesy to your SitterFriend, we recommend to notify the SitterFriend atleast 12 hours in advance if there is a need to cancel


What Services are offered by SitterFriends?
SitterFriends mainly provide childcare. However, each SitterFriend specializes in one or more skill. So you may request a SitterFriend for lessons as well. Along those lines: Some of our SitterFriends are school teachers and their time is best utilized for lessons on a subject of their expertise.
Some SitterFriends have their own cars and you can request them to provide transportation for your children. However, we do not verify or inspect their vehicle.

I really liked a SitterFriend and I want to use the same one for my next sit. How can I do that?
That’s easy, simply Schedule the sit through the app and request the same SitterFriend, if they are available, they will accept your sit. Another way to lock in a SitterFriend, is to buy a 5 hour or 10 hour package. This gives you priority and you are locked into the same rate. Use the app or email us about packages.

How do I signup for repeat/recurring sit?
Email us at with subject line: Recurring Sit and we will schedule this for you.

I need a nanny for everyday care. Does SitterFriends provide this?
We will be extremely happy to help you find care. Please email us at with subject line: Nanny required.

I need a tutor. What do I do?
Easy! When Setting up your sit criteria, setup the time for the first lesson. When searching for a SitterFriend, search for the lesson of your interest. Select multiple SitterFriends that provide lessons of interest. If you liked the SitterFriend, you can then buy a 5, 10, 15 hour package for repeat lessons. Contact us if you need help

Rates and Payments

Please note, that payment is decided by the app. The parents do not decide what to pay you. Payment rates are based on your experience on the app, your credentials, the location of the sit, the time of day and the day of week. Payment rates are constantly changing.
There are two things that you can do to increase your rates:
1. Accept as many sit requests as you can.
2. Get high ratings on completion of sits.

Once you accept more jobs and start getting rated 5 stars, you will notice a quick bump in your hourly rate.

We look forward to helping you pay your way through college or pay those other bills that can add up.

Policy and Violations

Unlike other sites, we don't charge parents and sitter a fee to register and create a profile.
We also don't charge a fee to create a sit or to reach out to sitters. This is because we don't believe that that is a fair way of doing business. Parents and Sitters both hate getting charged a fees regardless of if they found someone. It's almost a scam.
The way we make money is by taking a percentage of the sit cost. However, if parents and sitters exchange contact information, and go off app then our business model fails.
It is also bad for Parents because now you have to manually schedule, negotiate rates, and find alternatives if your primary care provider is not available.

Please do not exchange contact information or go off app for any transactions. Doing so is unfair to our business and to you, it's also unethical and hence is a violation of our policy.

We have zero tolerance for this violation and your account will be revoked if contact information is shared or if a transaction is made off the app. Both messaging and calling are available through the app. You can test this with your sitterfriend before you leave for your night out. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to working with you

Become a SitterFriend

How do I become a SitterFriend?
Hey there, so glad you are interested in becoming a SitterFriend. We are available in 100 cities all across N.America so if you stumbled upon us, it's likely we are in your city as well. If you have childcare experience, please download our app and create a profile.

Currently, we are only approving sitters who have experience and are 18 and over and in some rare cases we will accept sitters 16 and over, if they have exceptional references. We do not allow sitters to bring their children or other people to a sit. It takes us about 2 weeks to get to your profile. If your profile is filled out accurately and accurately lists your experience, we will contact you for a phone interview. At this point, you will need to have your references fill out your reference form. After your phone interview, we will run your background check, and contact your references and if everything checks out, you will be approved and will start getting jobs. Your first job will be a trial sit job, this will determine your rate and your ratings. We look forward to your application.