About Us

SitterFriends is a group of Scientists, Teachers, Parents, who care passionately and deeply about child care and education. Children are extremely precious, they are our future and we are on a mission to allow parents to find help that is trustworthy, affordable but also quickly accessible. Monthly subscription fees are a thing of the past. Give us a try - download our app, if we are available in your area, we promise you will love our service.

Our Team

Karlie Evangelista

Managing Director & Master Sitter

Karlie was raised in a home with four crazy younger siblings who at one point all shared a room with her. You would think that would drive her away from working with kids, however she is actually one of the most requested sitters in the Bay Area because she is so great with kids! Karlie studied health science at Cal State East Bay where she graduated top of her class and focused the last two years of college on working with children in the occupational therapy setting. She is also known for never finishing her coffee before it gets cold because she’s busy diving into all areas at SitterFriends from product enhancement to calling all of our parents and sitters personally... and coffee isn’t considered top priority. Over the past two years Karlie has been highly involved in the rescue community and was an adoptions coordinator for a non profit rescue. Overall, Karlie believes that what you put into your community is what you will get out of it, which is why she prides herself as being an active part of her community and helping make parents' lives easier, so they can always drink their coffee while it’s still hot!

Amit Jain

Co-Founder & COO

Amit is the father of two beautiful children (they took after their mom). Friends describe him as a lovable family person who is always keen on helping anyone in need. A graduate from IIT Kharagpur (India), he has been a founding member of several startups. Amit has various patents to his name and has been awarded Innovation Award for his "path-breaking" (in his own words) contribution in 'TBX XRTL Technology', (basically he created sort of a super computer, which kind of makes him a genius).

Fahad Jalal

Founder & CEO/Master Sitter.

Fahad is the father of two amazing kids/tazmanian devils/sassy pants/best friends. He is also the eldest brother of 4 sisters, and the eldest of all of his 49 cousins; making him the big uncle to 27 nieces and nephews. Yes! He gets to be Santa every christmas.
Fahad studied Computer Science at Stanford, and got an MBA from the Wharton school of business. Over the last decade, Fahad has been involved with several startups and established companies in the capacity of founder, executive leader and investor. Fahad is involved with 3 charities that focus on child education, and development. In one word he describes himself as “human”, and his life-long goal is to help make care, and education accessible to all children across the world.