The Perfect place for great Childcare providers

If you are a great Childcare provider, you will love working with SitterFriends. If you are over 18 years old (16 if you have exceptional references), have professional childcare experience, can provide 2 references, and have a clean background - SitterFriends might be the perfect app for you.

Ifeoma N.

San Francisco, CA

I joined SitterFriends on a whim as I am a College Student who has been a nanny since my Sophomore year in high-school. I love meeting new families and working with different kids. I can honestly say that I love the app and the ability for me to get comfortable in knowing these families before I arrive. The staff who run this are incredibly professional and genuine allowing me to ask questions if need be! I recommend people use this service on both ends whether looking to be a sitter or needing a sitter!

Michela B.

New York, NY

I'm a sitter on SitterFriends, and let me tell you, it's incredible! The staff is incredibly kind and caring, and the families I've worked for are amazing! The app is super easy to navigate, and it's made the payment process for sitting jobs hassle free.

Tawny P.

Los Angeles, CA

This is probably the most useful babysitting app I have had the experience of using. With an easy to manage profile , parents can see what experience you have, what's your specialties, and many more. I started using the app when it very first came out and I absolutely love it! I've gotten many jobs from it and all the parents love me. It's a safe an reliable way to find or provide quality child care!

Renee L.

Chicago, IL

SitterFriends is a great way to find babysitting jobs in the area. The app is so easy to use and you can even customize your general availability. The payment is done entirely through the app, which leaves no worries of negotiation or lost checkbooks! The parents are all very nice and the messaging feature allows you to talk to the parents before going to sit. The app even reminds you when I have sitting jobs coming up, and texts all the information you need for the jobs! I've been so happy using the app and finding babysitting jobs in my local area!

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How to become a SitterFriend

Caring for children is a great way to help parents from your local community and making a great income. However, taking care of someone’s children is a big responsibility. Therefore, every applicant has to go through a very thorough vetting process. If you have great childcare experience, and have excellent references you can take your childcare experience to the next level with SitterFriends.

Prior Childcare Experience

Download our app and fill out your profile, tell us about your prior experience in childcare and why you would make a great babysitter, nanny or daycare provider. We will schedule an interview within 2 weeks if your experience is a good fit and your application is complete

Great Childcare References

We need at least 2 references from your current or previous parent customers. They can fill out your personal reference form (available through app) and we will contact them to verify your work experience.

Childcare Training

If you have any childcare training, please be sure to list that out in your profile. Additionally, we provide over 100 training courses. After completing a course, we will do a situational assessment, which will allow you to pass the course and earn a SitterFriends training certificate.

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SitterFriends FAQs

How Long is the application process?

The full process, after your profile is complete, can last upto 3 weeks.

Can I work whenever I want?

Yes, you can take jobs that fit in your schedule. If you maintain an active calendar, you will only receive jobs for your open slots

How much will I make as a SitterFriend?

You can make up to $30/hour. The more jobs you do, the more ratings you acquire, resulting in higher pay and bonuses.

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